Proofreading and editing

Imagine you’re recruiting for a position at work.Editing-and-proofreading

On the first application you read, the candidate has written your when they meant you’re and affect instead of effect. There’s even a typo in their own name. What are you thinking?

At best that their careless. At worst, incompetent.

It’s exactly the same if you make shoddy errors in your marketing literature or company documents. 

And when you’re competing for clients or customers, you can’t afford to create a bad first impression.

As a former newspaper sub-editor, I have ten years’ proofreading and editing experience.

I’ll review your marketing literature, official documents and tender bids, to make sure they’re spot on in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency.

I’ll also edit and re-write your copy, so you communicate your message as clearly and powerfully as possible.

Give me a call on 07437 193 686 or email for a quote.

``Greg helped create our house style for a new website. He took the time to understand the company and our audience, and brought our existing material to the same tone effectively and quickly.``

– Cathy Young, Head of Communications, South West Academic Health Science Network

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