Sales copy

Do your sales letters struggle to sell?Sales copy

Are you getting no enquiries from your emails, or leads from your landing pages?

To get people to act, you have to give them a reason.

That means understanding what makes them tick. Then showing how they’ll benefit from what you offer.

I’ll write copy that:

Grabs attention – by pulling readers in with a powerful emotional hook.

Persuades – by showing the benefits of what you offer. How you solve a problem or help them make money, for instance.

Convinces – by using tried and tested techniques to quash doubts.

Gets the response you want – with a clear, powerful call to action.

You can hire me to write:

  • Sales letters
  • Marketing emails
  • Landing pages
  • Google ads campaigns
  • Print and digital ads

Call 07437 193 686 or email and start getting the results you need.

``Finding someone who could write was one thing, but Greg was the consummate professional. He used his project management skills to liaise with an array of stakeholders, get what he needed from them and deliver to tight deadlines.``

- Heather Chappell, Marketing Manager, Institution of Civil Engineers

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