Cricket World Cup programme

I was commissioned by Specialist, a marketing agency, to write content for the official programme of the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup (WWC).

This included a ‘Quick guide to the WWC’, ‘Powerplays explained’ feature, ‘WWC facts and stats’ and profiles for all 120 players involved in the competition.

The brief demanded a concise style of writing and specified that content was accessible to young people and fans who are new to cricket.

The overall project was commissioned by England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

What the client said

“Drawing on his expert sporting knowledge and tight copywriting skills, Greg ably managed multiple article briefs, delivering everything to us well on time and within budget. His attention to detail – in questioning the initial briefs, as well as in the subsequent copy he produced – gave us great confidence in relying on him as an extended part of our editorial team for the duration of the project.” – Ross Wilkinson, Deputy CEO

Sample of my work

Feel the power … powerplays explained

So, what is a powerplay?

Powerplays are the two periods of the innings when the fielding side is limited in how many players it can position outside the ‘fielding circle’. During these periods, when fewer fielders are protecting the boundary, the batting side should have more opportunities to score runs. As a result, batting sides have to vary their tactics throughout the match.

Do powerplays change the way batters and bowlers play?

Definitely. Batters constantly adapt their game and devise new shots to exploit the extra space in the outfield during the early powerplay overs. Ramp shots and switch hits are two to watch out for. Bowlers will then try to counter these aggressive tactics with subtle variations in pace and line.

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Specialist UK (on behalf of the England and Wales Cricket Board)

Project Details

Copy for the official publication of the 2017 Women's Cricket World Cup.