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ICE is the world’s leading civil engineering organisation. 

As part of a website re-launch, ICE wanted to make its content clearer and more engaging. 

I worked with ICE’s membership division to produce copy for qualifications, careers and progression pages; regional sections; member profiles; and membership guidance documents. This involved simplifying complex language to make content more accessible to ICE’s audience of prospective and existing members, students, teachers, academics, and the wider public.

What the client said:

“Greg’s role in helping to develop, refine and originate the membership content for our new website was truly invaluable. He deftly turned pages and pages of complex information into clear, readable copy. I dread to think what we would have done without him.” – Heather Chappell, Marketing Manager

Sample of my work

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Civil engineering is a competitive industry and is changing all the time. Being a member of ICE helps you stand out from the crowd and move with those changes. We’ll give you the guidance you need to succeed and to get an internationally recognised qualification.

We’ll also support your professional development – whether you want to learn new skills, expand your industry knowledge, or get more involved in our work.

When you join ICE you’re not just a member – you’re a valuable part of our global civil engineering community.


Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

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