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Access Performance Solutions (APS) is a business consultancy that provides content marketing services for clients across a number of sectors.

I was hired to write digital content for APS’s clients, which include a property consultancy, construction firm, solicitors, care home group, training provider, IT support service and truck rental business.

The content ranges from blogs and news articles to web pages and trend reports. It involves researching the subjects, companies and target audiences, as well as carrying out interviews and optimising copy for search engines.

What the client said

“We were looking for a copywriter with a broad knowledge of businesses, an understanding of content marketing, as well as someone who could write for the end user and Google.

“Greg has been excellent. He gets the work out on time and on budget, constantly meeting the brief and going that extra mile to do the all-important research.” – Simon Cattell, Senior Marketing Account Manager

Sample of my work

Are you protected from cyber-attack?

Imagine getting into work one day and finding your entire business under threat.

An employee has clicked on an email link from someone posing as a client, and downloaded a virus. It’s infected every file on your system and put your clients’ details at risk. Not only do you face the financial cost of putting it right, but also the damage it’ll do to your relationship with customers and clients.

Many SMEs think it’ll never happen to them. But they’re fast becoming the targets of choice for cyber hackers. According to the Government Security Breaches Survey, 74% of small organisations reported a security breach in 2015.

(Written for an IT support service)

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Blogs, news articles and trend reports for a business consultancy.